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Science – Unit 4

Science- Unit 4


Science- Extra Credit

  1. What different evolutionary stages has a horse been through before becoming what we know now a days? What are the physical differences in each stage?
  2. What is one of the suggested reasons why people believed dragons and giants existe?
  3. What is Charles Lyell’s book “Geology’s principals” about?
  4. From what latin word is the word fossils derived?
  5. What is a fossil?
  6. What explanation do geologists give about extinct species from the past?
  7. What is stratification?
  8. How does a fossil’s location help an investigator to learn about different species?
  9. What is the name for fossilized feces?
  10. What is Charles Darwin’s book On the Origin of Species (1859) say?
  11. What is extinction?
  12. Why do you think fossils are important in order to understand different species?

Geography Questionnaire

  1. What is an ecosystem?
  2. How are ecosystems formed?
  3. What does the term “biotic” mean?
  4. What does the term “abiotic” mean?
  5. What is extinction? Why does it happen?
  6. How do different species survive (if the do) when their ecosystem is destroyed?
  7. What is a balanced ecosystem?
  8. What is a diverse ecosystem?
  9. What elements are needed in order to make an ecosystem survive?
  10. How can an ecosystem support various types of organisms?
  11. What does the term carrying capacity mean?
  12. What determines if a population survives within an ecosystem?
  13. What are the main non-living parts of an ecosystem?
  14. What is a food web?
  15. What is a food chain?
  16. What does the term catastrophic mean?
  17. What makes a tropical rain forest different from any other ecosystem?
  18. What is a stable ecosystem?
  19. What is flora?
  20. Describe the roll of a producer in an ecosystem.
  21. What determines if a population survives within an ecosystem?
  22. Describe a desert; include details like temperature, living organisms and their characteristics.
  23. Explain how humans damage ecosystems; consider the effects and conflicts may arise.