Science Questions

  1. What is a vaccine?
  2. What are antibodies?
  3. How are vaccines made?
  4. What is mutation?
  5. What is a micro organism?
  6. What is a virus?
  7. What does the word viral mean?
  8. What are the different types of food that you should eat in order to have a healthy diet?
  9. Where can you find the antibodies that human beings need in their bodies in the earliest stage of life?
  10. Name three diseases for which vaccines are made.
  11. What is the appropriate amount of water that a human being should consume daily?
  12. What is the main responsibility of the immune system?
  13. What are leukocytes?
  14. In what other way can you call leukocytes?
  15. Approximately for how long does a leukocyte live?
  16. What is the lymphatic system?
  17. Approximately how many leukocytes can you find per microliter of blood in a healthy human being?
  18. Other than taking vaccines, what can we do to prevent diseases?
  19. How come human beings get new diseases or infections as time goes by?
  20. Since when can we get the AH1N1 vaccine?


Stages of human development

  1. What is human development?
  2. What is the first stage in which biologically human development begins?
  3. What is an embryo?
  4. Until what age are human beings considered children?
  5. What are the stages of human development?
  6. What is puberty?
  7. In what stage do human beings reach their highest potential


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