Geography work – computer class

I need you to have the following information in your notebook, please copy it during computer class.

Unit 1 – Lesson 2

How does GPS mapping work?

  • GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System. GPS is a network of satellites and receivers that communicate for navigational purposes. GPS satellites are used to create maps, survey land and determine distance, velocity and coordinates.

  • The process used to calculate the exact coordinates of a receiver is called three-dimensional trilateration. Each receiver has a quartz clock inside, and each satellite is equipped with an atomic clock. Distance is measured by calculating the amount of time it takes for a signal to travel from a receiver to a satellite. By measuring the distance of the receiver from three or four satellites, the coordinates of a receiver on Earth can be pinpointed within a few meters of exact location.

  • GPS receivers are available commercially for automobile drivers. Receivers are sold preprogrammed with road maps and detailed traffic information, such as speed limits, street names, flow of traffic and parking lot locations. By synthesizing the coordinates from the satellites and the preprogrammed maps, GPS receivers can tell a driver what roads to travel, where and when to turn and the travel time needed to reach a desired location. For most GPS receivers, maps are updated once a year via an upload provided by the navigation system manufacturer. Usually additional uploads and features, like maps of foreign countries, are available for a fee.

    I’m uploading a presentation for geography and science and I’m also just about to upload this month’s study guide!



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