Science Presentations’ Questionnaire

The Circulatory System

  1. What does the circulatory system carry throughout the body?
  2. What are the three major parts in which the circulatory system is divided?
  3. How many times does the heart beat during an average lifetime?
  4. About what size is your heart?
  5. On average, how much blood does a young person have?
  6. What are the three different types of blood vessels?
  7. What are capillaries?
  8.  What are arteries?


The Digestive system

9. What is digestion?

10.  Name three parts of the digestive system.

11. What is the stomach?

12. Where does digestion start?


The Respiratory System

13.  What is the main function of the respiratory system?

14.  Name 3 different parts of the respiratory system.

15. Describe a nostril.

16. What is the trachea?


The Nervous System

17. What part of the nervous system is considered to be the boss of your body?

18.  What are the three main parts of the nervous system?

19.  What is the peripheral nervous system?


The immune System


20. What is the immune system?

21.  Name 3 different parts of the immune system?

22. What is a lymph node and where are they located?

23. How is the flexible tissue inside of bones named?


The Muscular System


24. What are the three parts in which the muscular system is divided?

25. What is the muscular system?

26. What other name is given to the system combining the heart and the circulatory system?

27. What is the smooth system?


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